Why choose CBL?

CBL Munchee had the ability to resonate with the changes in consumer needs that have varied significantly across its 50+ years epoch. 

Be it for treating friends or family

there is always a Munchee Biscuit!

Fuelled by innovation

and driven by quality

The state of art technology and years of experience ensure the unmatchable quality of CBL products which is appreciated worldwide.

We Care about your Taste

 CBL offers a wide range of biscuits to satisfy the requirement of its varied customers worldwide. 

Many People, Many Choices

wholesome quality of the plain biscuits, the tantalizing chocolate coated biscuits, Bewildering taste of the chocolate coated wafer and plain wafer will satisfy your unmeet desire.

New Product in the town

Splendid News!!!!! New white bar is in the town. Best of the best. Perfectly Coated with White Chocolate on the Crispy Wafer.

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